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    Basler Joview IDS Sentech

    We offer Machine Vision Cameras that be made to specialized intermediate hardware, a frame grabber using either a standardized (Camera Link). MV implementations also have used digital cameras capable of direct connections to a computer via USB3 or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

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    Megapixel Telecentric Lens

    Selecting the right lens for a machine vision camera can have a significant effect on the image quality and therefore success of the machine vision application. With a wide range of C-mount lens and F-mount lens, sensor resolutions and sensor sizes it’s important to choose an industrial lens.

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    Custom LED Lighting

    Lights are a cost-effective, easily integrated solution for diffuse illumination of surfaces. With subtle adjustments to working distance and angle of light delivery, ring lights can deliver good image contrast for a minimal investment.


  • Camera Lens Lighting
  • Bitflow
  • lock screw cable
  • 3R wifi Digi micrcroscope

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