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Azure Lens
AZURE Photonics is a designer and manufacturer of lenses for machine vision. Products include large format megapixel lenses , Vari Focus Zoom lens , SWIR lens , F-mount lens for megapixel cameras.
Azure Lens
Fujinon offers fixed focal lenght lenses that are applicable for Machine Vision and CCTV: feature high resolution, low distortion and a compact while the Fish-Eyes let you keep overview in your application.
Computar Lens
Computar offers a wide variety of fixed focal and vari-focal, SWIR lens , manual zoom lenses. Newer products include 1" format megapixel fixed focal C-Mount lenses.
Goyo Lens
Goyo Optical offers CCTV Lenses, High Resolution Lenses , High Speed Lenses, SWIR Lenses , UV Quartz Lenses, Pinhole Lenses, Telecentric Lenses, Fixed Lenses, Varifocal Lenses. Focal lengths range from 2.8mm to 1100mm.
Kowa Lens
Kowa offers a wide variety of high quality, economically priced lenses. Lens product line includes very high resolution lenses, megapixel lenses, fixed focal and varifocal lenses.
Moritex Lens
Moritex high-performance machine vision macro and telecentric lenses ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision systems used in assembly and inspection processes on manufacturing lines.
Optart Lens
Optart design and develope Zoom lenses | Macro lenses | CCTV lenses | Telecentric lenses | Fixed focal lenses Proto-build, Mass Production for megapixel cameras and machine vision application.
Tamron Lens
Tamron lens are built to endure the vibration of factory automation even after long periods of use. The megapixel lens provides ultra low distortion, and high close-up capability without sacrificing image quality.
Ricoh Pentax Lens
Ricoh Pentax is a leading of CCTV lenses , Fixed focal lenses , Motorized Zoom lenses, Manual Zoom with auto-iris lenses, and Vari-focal type auto-iris lenses for professional machine vision application.
Opto Engineering Lens
Opto Engineering offer high precision Bi-telecentric lenses , 360° view optics to reduce the number of components in a vision system. which are the basis of good image and essential to qualify the object under inspection.
Myutron Lens
Myutron is a designer and manufacturer of linescan lenses , Telecentric lenses , Macro zoom lenses , Fixed focal lenses for Automation and machine vision application with economically price.
Navitar Lens
Navitar provide high precision optical for biotechnology and medical, defense and security, industrial imaging and projection optics. Including machine vision, automation, metrology, biometrics, non-contact measurement.
Midopt Filter
Midopt offers lens filters for machine vision to cover nearly every type of lighting and subject. These are available in a variety of sizes and types such as shortpass, longpass, bandpass, polarizing, neutral density, IR and UV types.

Machine vision filters from Midwest Optical Systems are designed to increase the contrast of the subject under inspection, improving the ability of the system to distinguish desired characteristics. Increased contrast allows for increased accuracy and speed. Some of the various filter types offered include Bandpass, Infrared, Neutral Density, and Polarizing – mounted and hard coated.

Over 66 different filter types are currently offered by Midwest Optical Systems, available in at least 16 sizes for each type. Please contact us if you need assistance with selecting a filter model and/or are interested in a swatch kit for testing purposes.
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