Thermal Expert Thermal Infrared Camera

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Infrared Thermal Camera

Strength of Thermal Expert in application, Highest detector resolution/image quality among similar product (such as FLIR, Xenics, Micro-Epsilon, SMARTIS, etc.) at low cost price. Camera offer High resolution (384x288 pixels) TE–Q1, TE-EQ1 and super high resolution (640X480 pixels) TE-V1, TE-EV1, NETD : Less than 0.05°C with MicroUSB, USB2.0, Cameralink, LVDS interface for NTSC , PAL and Digital image formats. Powerful function in industry, health care, structure, maintenance. Recognize all kinds of leak and wiring problems and temperature for health correctly comparing to low resolution image. Store both thermal image and visible image (support by smart phone) at the same time (including movie clip). Free temperature measurement and temperature analysis with many functions is supported for Window version 7, 8, 8.1, 10 for PC and Android version 4.4x up.

Product TE–Q1 TE–Q1 Plus TE-Q1 Pro TE-V1 TE-EQ1 TE-EV1
Resolution (px) 384 x 288 640 x 480 384 x 288 640 x 480
Frame rate (Hz) 9Hz or 30Hz
Wave length (nm) 800-1400
Object Temp. -10°C ~ 150°C -10°C ~ 120°C -10°C ~ 250°C -10°C ~ 120°C -10°C ~ 150°C
Operating Temp. -10°C ~ 50°C -10°C ~ 65°C
USB OTG Interface O O O
MicroUSB Interface O O O O
USB2.0 Interface O O O
CameraLink O O
LVDS Interface O O
Support Android O O O O
Support Windows O O O O O O
Lens 4.8mm O
Lens 6.8mm O O O O
Lens 8.5mm O O O
Lens 13mm O O O
Lens 19mm O O O
Lens 25mm O O O
Lens 35mm O O O
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