LED illumination Lighting for Machine Vision Application

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CCS TMS 3AM Moritex
NERLITE KOMCO OPTMV Advance illumination
Direct Light
Direct Light: LED light arrays are concentrated for extreme bright light. the product quality and efficiency improves. Flexible boards are able to achieve optimized angle with variation of outer and inner diameter to target a work piece.
Diffuse Light
Diffuse Light: Diffused Illumination series provide diffused even illumination over a surface. A conical illumination surfaces makes it possible to illumination a work piece from almost any angle.
Indirect Light
Indirect Light: Dome series shines from a conical surface providing illumination from all angles. The illumination is able to provide images without shadows.that offer 4 type colors, Red, Green, Blue and White.
Back Light
Back Light & Front Light: High intensity light series LED are arranged in a dense array and shines into a diffuser. The even light shines from the diffuser providing area illumination.
Coaxial Light
Coaxial Light: Even Co-axial light series provide co-axial illumination for tele-centric lenses. The lights are reflected by 45 degrees half mirror to provide light inline with the camera.
Spot Light
Spot Light: High luminosity LED spot light series designed to replace halogen light source, spot series offer 4 type colors, Red, Green, Blue and White. And long life time and low power consumption.
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