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Digital Microscope

Macro Vision System

MVS High Magnification Digital Microscope with Awesome Features

High Magnification
Digital Zoom 2x to 50x
FOV 3.6 x 4.8mm - 56 x 100mm

High Resolution
Full HD @1920x1080 px
Working Distance 100-300 mm

Special Stand Type
Pole type 490mm height
Metal Base 220mm x 284mm

macro vision system

Powerful Light
LED Ring light 6W
Special dimmer build in

Awesome Display
Monitor Screen 11.6 Inch
Wireless Mouse control

Embeded Multi functions
Generate Line upto 8 lines
White balance and Color correct

Multiple storage
Photo and video steaming Output
Support Flash drive and SD Card

MVS-0250X (MVS023 series)

We proud to introduce Compact Digital microscope with Smart Lines Generator system instead of traditional microscope. MVS series is robust Digital microscope, High proformance and reasonable price. We can customized Resolution, Magnification, FOV, Working Distance upon your application requirement. All image processing function are controlled on monitor without PC. User interface thru wireless mouse. Built in Color CCD camera on monitor and LED Ring light with dimmer on special high pole stand. Real time live view, Photo snap, Video recording into SD card or Thumb Drive. Dimension Measurement is optional.

Qzzy Vas Taiwan Dino-Lite Anyty 3R-WM401WIFI


Smallest Digital camera in the world. The first patent with iF Design Aword from Taiwan. Product lines consist of Dino-lite digital microscope model AM3113T, AM4113ZT, AM4113T5X, AM4115T, AM4815T, AM2111, 4815ZT, AM4115ZT, AM4515ZTL and stand Dino-Lite Rack RK-10, Dino-Lite Rack RK-06. Magnification 10X-800X with variable resolution.



Portable Digital Microscope has been wireless and evolves more!! 1.3 MP 200X color digital microscope with 5m wifi signal range.Anyty offers 4 models of Digital microscope that consist of 3R-WM401WIFI , 3R-WM401PC , 3R-WM401TV and 3R-WM401PCTV


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