HIKvision Camera 1st quality HIKvision Camera

HIKvision GigE Camera : CH Series

10 out of 10 based on 3518 ratings.

HIKvision CH GigE models

  • 49mm x 74mm x 74mm housing
  • Max. capture rate of 14 fps
  • A variety of CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Up to 5 meter cable lengths
  • Resolutions from 8 MP to 29 MP

Model Brand Model Format Sensor Color Resolution Frame Rate Shutter Interface
MV-CH080-60GC HIKvision CH 4/3" CCD Color 3296×2472 14 fps Global GigE
MV-CH080-60GM HIKvision CH 4/3" CCD Mono 3296×2472 14 fps Global GigE
MV-CH290-60GC HIKvision CH 36mm*24mm CCD Color 6576×4384 90 fps Global GigE
MV-CH290-61GM HIKvision CH 36mm*24mm CCD Mono 6576×4384 170 fps Global GigE
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