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CoaXpress Teli CSX Camera

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Super High Speed with High Resolution CoaXpress

This CMOS camera is an Ultra-High-resolution color camera employing a 12,580 thousand pixel readout system CMOS sensor. High-speed output of ultra-high-definition images. As it employs a global electronic shutter similar to a CCD image sensor, clear images of even fast-moving object are obtainable with less blur.CoaXPress can transmit a picture, communication, control, and a power supply with one common coaxial cable at high speed, and it output 12,580 thousand pixel all pixel at the high speed of about 25 fps in this camera.

Model Brand Model Format Sensor Color Resolution Frame Rate Shutter Interface
CSX12M25CMP19 Toshiba CSX 1.9" CMOS Color 4096 x 3072 25 fps Global Coaxpress
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