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Hires Zoom Lens System

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Zoom System Features

zoom6000 system structure
  • Continuous zooming range: 0.7X - 4.5X, zoom ratio: 1:6.5
  • Covers a wide range from 0.09 to 180 optical magnification
  • Working distance: 93mm with maximum sensor size: 1"
  • Built-in fine-tuning 3-8mm, length can be adjusted
  • High accuracy, stability and repeatability can up to 1um
  • Stable and smooth zoom process, feel comfortable.
  • Shadow-free illumination with infinity-parallel light.
  • Able to configurable coaxial light or Universal ring light
  • Longer lifetime and stronger with high hardness alloy material.

Zoom System Diagram

6x zoom system diagram

Zoom System Attachments

camera tube
attached lens
objective lens

Zoom Field of View Matrix

field of view matrix
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