e2v Camera Best quality e2v DIViiNA Line Scan Camera

e2v DIViiNA CCD Camera

8.3 out of 10 based on 1319 ratings.

The advantages of the e2v DIViiNA family include:

  • CCD Sensor 1024 to 4096 Pixels at 10μm or 14 μm square
  • Gigabit Ethernet Interface , GigE Vision and GenIcam Compliant Supporting
  • Zero-loss Packet Resend with Antiblooming
  • Cost effective and Easy to Use
  • Fully Configurable with CommCam Software

Part No Brand Model Sensor Color Resolution Pixel Size Line Rate Interface
EV50YLM1GE1010-BA0 e2v DIViiNA LM1 CCD Mono 1k 10 35.7 GigE
EV50YLM1GE2010-BA0 e2v DIViiNA LM1 CCD Mono 2k 10 18 GigE
EV50YLM1GE2014-BA0 e2v DIViiNA LM1 CCD Mono 2k 14 18 GigE
EV50YLM1GE4010-BA0 e2v DIViiNA LM1 CCD Mono 4k 10 9.5 GigE
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