IDS uEYE Camera XS series tiny but full of briliant features USB camera

USB2.0 uEYE XS Camera

9.8 out of 10 based on 5287 ratings.

Autofocus , Tiny size and extremely lightweight

uEYE XS USB2.0 series is tiny but full of briliant features of IDS camera:

  • 5 Megapixel color sensor resolution 2592x1944px provides highest detail and color shading even in troublesome lighting conditions.
  • Dimension 23 x 26.5 x 21.5 mm, Weighing 12g , the XS is excellent for even the narrowest spaces.
  • Get 15 fps at full 5 Megapixel resolution for the JPEG mode with binning the XS captures up to 30 fps.
  • Easily choose and change from VGA to 5 Megapixel. 720p and 1080p video streaming is also available .
  • Its digital zoom permiss to dynamically enlarge image scale up to four times .
  • Integrated autofocus assist you to get sharp photos starting from working distance 10 cm.
  • Auto white balance, auto exposure, auto gain or auto focus function, the XS delivers ideal images always and in every condition.
  • Use backlight compensation to separate objects appear even in front of an too bright background.
  • Switch image effects between normal mode, monochrome, sepia and negative or mirror the image horizontally or vertically.

Model Brand Model Format Sensor Color Resolution Frame Rate Shutter Interface
XS IDS uEYE XS 1/4" CMOS Color 5.0 MP 15 fps Rolling USB2.0
XS2 IDS uEYE XS 1/4" CMOS Color 5.0 MP 15 fps Rolling USB2.0

Enter optical Infomations

3.62 mm
2.72 mm
4.53 mm
60 องศา
100mm - infinity


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