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    Basler Teli IDS E2V Sentech

    We offer Machine Vision Cameras that be made to specialized hardware, a frame grabber using either a standardized CameraLink and CoaXpress. MV implementations also have used digital cameras capable of direct connections to a computer via USB3 or GigE interfaces.

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    Megapixel Telecentric Lens

    Selecting the right lens for a machine vision camera can have a significant effect on the image quality and therefore success of the machine vision application. With a wide range of C-mount lens and F-mount lens, sensor resolutions and sensor sizes it’s important to choose an industrial lens.

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    Custom LED Lighting

    Lights are a cost-effective, easily integrated solution for diffuse illumination of surfaces. With subtle adjustments to working distance and angle of light delivery, ring lights can deliver good image contrast for a minimal investment.

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    Bandpass Polarize ND Filter

    Improving contrast and ability of the system to distinguish characteristics, Over 100 different filter types are currently offered including Bandpass, Longpass, Shortpass, Infrared, Neutral Density, and Polarizing – mounted and hard coated.


  • Camera Lens Lighting
  • Bitflow
  • lock screw cable
  • 3R wifi Digi micrcroscope

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